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  Instructions for Use of Large Torque Electric Spanner功能:拧紧大六角高强度螺栓。
  Function: Tighten large hexagonal high strength bolts.
  (1) First adjust the scale to the required torque value, and put the wrench glove into the nut sleeve.
  Press the switch and start working.
  (3) When the wrench reaches the set torque value, it automatically stops tightening and pulls out the wrench to finish the work.
  Note: When fastening the bolt, the power switch must be pressed. Don't hit it intermittently, and then click it again.
  Use note:
  Please operate strictly according to the requirements of torque.
  Insert the bolt into the sleeve reasonably and smoothly without tilting, so as to prolong the service life of the sleeve.
  The wrench should be perpendicular to the steel plate and not inclined during operation. (Otherwise, it will increase the torque error) Replace the carbon brush in time. Carbon brushes should not be less than 6 mm to extend the life of the motor.
  Do not repeat the fastening, do not repeat the fastening! (tightening moment increases) Do not touch the reaction arm when working.
  Be sure to rotate the trigger until the trigger is in place (otherwise the gear will be damaged).
  When the green light is on, it can start normally and work normally.
  When the red light is on, it is illegal to operate and need power off to restart the work.
  Equipped with: iron box, rain-proof socket, screwdriver, certificate, instruction (original).
  Performance characteristics:
  (4) Fourth generation products, the latest models, high-speed motors, high power, high speed, fast operation, safety and convenience, good quality, long life.
  (2) The adjustable torque range is large (2400-6000 nm); the spline sleeve is easy to replace.
  (3) Positive and negative rotation (removable nuts, fastening nuts).
  Other notes:
  (1) The arbitrary torque values (2400-6000 nm) in the range of the model's torque can be achieved.
  However, if the bolt torque value is less than 2400Nm, or the bolt torque value is greater than 6000Nm, do not tighten the machine.
  If the nut is disassembled, it can be operated. But you can slightly increase the torque.
  But in the process of disassembly, please listen carefully to the sound of the motor. If there is any abnormal sound, please stop working immediately.
  (3) Adjust the torque knob on the controller with a small screwdriver and replace the carbon brush with a large screwdriver.
  (4) GNRS602E转速为2.5 RPM,为固定转速,不调速。
  (4) The speed of GNRS 602E is 2.5 RPM, which is fixed and not regulated.
  GNRS 602E weighs 11.4 kg, net weight, not gross weight.
  6电压是230V~,是浮动电压,220V ~ 230V之间可以,但电压不能波动太大,尽量与调压器匹配。
  Voltage 6 is 230V ~, which is a floating voltage. It can be between 220V and 230V, but the voltage can not fluctuate too much. It should be matched with the regulator as far as possible.
  The rated power is 1800W (2s/3s).
  Opening inspection:
  1. 首先检查机器的外观和随机配件的数量。
  1. First check the appearance of the machine and the number of random parts.
  2. Inspection of machine nameplates and trademarks.
  3. After the plug-in test, the machine has good performance.
  Then go to work on the site.
  Replace sleeve:
  1. 松开橡胶圈,取下铁销,取下套管。
  1. Loosen the rubber ring, remove the iron pin and remove the casing.
  2. 根据需要安装花键套筒。
  2. Install spline sleeve as required.
  3. Install iron pins and rubber bands.
  Replace the carbon brush:
  (1) Remove the brush cover and put the carbon brush in.
  Press in the spring.
  (Long to short, short to long)
  Upper chord (don't exert too much force).
  Regular inspection and maintenance:
  1. 定期检查电源线。
  1. Check the power cord regularly.
  2. 定期检查各部位螺丝,注意电机的声音。
  2. Check the screw in every part regularly and pay attention to the sound of the motor.
  3. Ensure that motor, sleeve and machine are free from impurities.
  4. 拧紧螺栓5000次,及时检查炭刷和套管。
  4. Tighten bolts 5000 times, check carbon brush and casing in time.
  5. 每次手术后,将其存放在干净干燥的地方。
  5. After each operation, store it in a clean and dry place.
  1. 严禁在下雨或潮湿的环境中工作。
  1. It is strictly forbidden to work in rainy or humid environment.
  2. 严禁使用非220v电压供电。
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use non-220v voltage for power supply.
  3. Keep away from inflammable and explosive materials.
  4. 爱护防护工具及配件。
  4. Care for protective tools and accessories.
  5. 在检修时请切断电源。
  5. Cut off the power supply during the overhaul.
  6. 严禁将机器猛烈撞击或摔落。
  6. It is strictly forbidden to hit or fall the machine violently.
  7. 高空作业时应采取安全措施。
  7. Safety measures should be taken when working at high altitude.
  8. When the machine is heated or the ambient temperature is above 40 degrees, stop using.
  9. 当炭刷短于6mm时,应及时更换炭刷,否则电机会烧坏。
  9. When the carbon brush is less than 6mm, the carbon brush should be replaced in time, otherwise the motor will burn out.
  10. 请勿直接拖动电源线。
  10. Do not drag the power cord directly.
  11. 严禁“微调”。
  11. It is strictly forbidden to "fine-tune".
  12. 请妥善保管好配件。
  12. Please take good care of the accessories.
  13. 请保持工作场所清洁。(不要让灰尘、铁屑等杂物进入机器,损坏电机或齿轮)13. Keep the workplace clean. (Do not let dust, iron scraps and other debris into the machine, damage the motor or gear)

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